Steel Cased Driven Piles

The pile dimensions and loads we are available for are:

(Please note these are approximate values).

A picture of steel cased driven piles being used at Thorpe Park.

The HL-1800 piling machine is a medium sized piling rig that is ideal for those small sites and can be adapted to install various foundation installation techniques but we are especially suited to the installation of driven steel cased piles, including larger projects such as Thorpe Park attractions. The machine utilises a fully automated computerised system that follows the steel tube and accurately adjusts the hammer drop so the correct "set" is obtained at all times. This innovation removes the operator error that can often occur with manually operated systems resulting in a much quicker speed of pile installation with greater efficiency of hammer impact.

In the event that preboring is required for heave precautions or to minimise vibration our HL 1800 uses its own rotary boring system, therefore resulting in savings by not having to mobilise a second machine to site.

We can also construct piles using continuous flight augers (CFA) with the HL 1800 on sensitive sites where vibration could be a problem to the surrounding area. We have used driven piles to great effect on new builds like a new children's/community centre in Wimborne and a new house in Petersfield.